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Collections management

Collections management checklist

  • Create a collections management policy to help you make decisions about your community archive and ensure that everyone involved is working consistently towards the same goals
  • When you are offered a new item, do an appraisal survey to check whether it fits with your collection policy, whether you have the space and resources to look after it, and whether it would be more appropriate for another archive or heritage organisation
  • If you want to take in a collection, complete an accession form for it, signed by both parties. Talk through it with the donor to ensure you get all the correct information. Keep one copy for your archive and give a second to the donor.
  • Enter the details of the accessioned item/s into your accession register
  • Go through collections of items and weed out any duplicates or material you think is not of research value
  • Make a box list for each collection of items so you have an idea of what is in the box or file, how much material you have, and any issues with its condition

Collections management survey:

Fill out this survey to let us know your thoughts on the collections management guide.