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Church of England

Dean and Chapter of Norwich (DCN)

Includes financial records of the Old Foundation, such as obedientiary rolls and lay and clerical taxation.

Records of the New Foundation include:

  • Chapter books
  • Records of official appointments
  • Title deeds
  • Estate leases, rentals and surveys
  • Manor court rolls, accounts and other related records
  • Peculiar administration (probate, visitation, coroner’s inquests and consolidation of parishes)
  • Precinct jurisdiction matters
  • Legal documents
  • Diocesan and episcopal affairs
  • Charities, scholars, and schools
  • The cathedral fabric
  • Personal papers of various deans, including those of Edmund Suckling (dean from 1614-28) and Humphrey Prideaux (dean from 1702-24)

Some records of the dean and chapter's peculiar administration (such as Acts of Court, register transcripts, visitation papers and marriage licence bonds) are listed separately (PDC).

There are also some documents from the Dean and Chapter Library (DCL).