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Great Yarmouth children's homes

Children's homes in Yarmouth

The minutes of the homes committee of the Board of Guardians in 1910 (Y/WE 73) refer to the Children’s Home, the Boys’ Home and the Girls’ Home. 

The admission and discharge register labelled The Children’s Home Gorleston, 1914-33 (Y/WE 305) includes a column headed ‘To what Cottage sent’.

The entries include Probation Home, Receiving Home, The Oaks, The Hollies and Ivy Cottage in 1914. 

The Elms and Rose Cottage had been added by 1922.

These seem to have been small units in the vicinity of Gorleston’s Addison Road and the number of children reported as being in the homes was usually in the twenties.

Ferryside, High Street, Gorleston was acquired as a children’s home in 1948 and the finance sub-committee reported the costs to the welfare services committee on 12 November 1948 (Y/WE 308).