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Nursing and midwifery records


The records listed in the following chapters are principally public records deposited in the Norfolk Record Office (NRO) by various NHS institutions and departments.

Please note:

  • Because of their confidential nature many of the records are closed to public inspection for up to 100 years.
  • Records listed by their accession number (ACC) have not yet been catalogued. Notice is required before they can be produced – contact us for more information.

Most hospitals had a nursing committee and the surviving minute books are listed below.

In addition, these institutions usually had a medical staff committee whose minutes may contain references to nursing.

The minutes of the governing body (management committee, governors, visitors, trustees, etc) and the over-arching bodies (executive councils and health authorities) are also included.

Searching our online catalogue will provide information about additional records relating to nursing (principally deposited by private depositors).

Separate searches of the terms nurse, nursing, midwife, midwives and midwifery (typed in the Any Text box) will reveal a number of references.