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Maintaining parish council records

  1. Introduction
  2. Records generated by the parish council and parish meeting
  3. Other records
  4. Records inherited by the parish council

Records generated by the parish council and parish meeting

Records to retain permanently

These should be preferably deposited in the NRO.

  • Parish council minute books
  • Parish meeting minute books
  • Minute books of committees, such as:
    • Jubilee and coronation celebrations
    • Charities
    • Allotments
    • Planning
    • Playing field
    • Burial ground, etc
  • Books of declarations on acceptance of office
  • Orders establishing the parish council or parish meeting or authorising mergers of parishes
  • Title deeds and leases
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Investment documents
  • Receipt and payment account books
  • Annual financial statements
  • Allotments (registers and plans)
  • Burial grounds (burial registers, purchased graves registers, memorial registers and plans)
  • Footpaths (survey of footpaths in parish, closure orders)
  • Commons (Commons Commissioner’s decisions)
  • War memorial (subscription lists, plans)
  • War records, including:
    • Survey of accommodation available for evacuees
    • Air Raid Precaution papers
    • Minutes of invasion committee
  • Correspondence with rural district councils, county council, etc
  • Insurance properties relating to parish council properties
  • Photographs and programmes of events organised by the parish council
  • Newsletters and other publications (such as parish guides, parish histories) issued by the parish council
  • Surveys of parish facilities

Items to retain indefinitely for legal reasons

These do not necessarily have to be deposited in the NRO.

  • Quotations and tenders
  • Burial grounds records:
    • Registers of fees collected
    • Applications for interment
    • Applications for right to erect memorials
    • Disposal certificates
    • Copy certificates of grant of exclusive right of burial                    

Items to retain for at least 12 years

  • Wages books

Items to retain for at least six years

  • Bank statements, including deposit and savings accounts
  • Receipt books of all kinds
  • Paid invoices
  • Paid cheques
  • VAT records
  • Petty cash, postage and telephone books
  • Members' allowances registers
  • Halls, centres, recreation grounds:
    • Applications to hire
    • Lettings diaries
    • Copies of bills to hirers
    • Record of tickets issued                        

Items to retain for at least five years

  • Scales of fees and charges

Items to retain for at least the last completed audit year

  • Bank paying-in books
  • Cheque book stubs
  • Timesheets