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Current Searchroom arrangements

Your visit

Searchers no longer need to wait outside the main door to be met by a member of staff but can make their way to the lockers and searchroom.

Please wear a face covering at all times whilst you are in the Archive Centre.

During the booking process, you will have been allocated a seat number and a locker with the same number. The locker will be ready for you with a token in place to activate the lock. Once you have used the locker, proceed to the searchroom door.

On entering the searchroom, please sanitise your hands. You may use this whenever you like during your visits, but please ensure that your hands are dry before handling any documents.

Then proceed to the Staff Counter where you will be registered as a visitor. If you already have an Archives Card, please show it to the person on duty. If you do not, they will search for the details you have entered online, and, once you have provided ID, they will issue you with an Archives Card which you can use on subsequent visits. Details from the Archives Card will be used for Track and Trace.

Once registered, sit at you allocated table where your first documents will be waiting for you, along with a document cushion and weights as required. Use these to minimise your handling of documents. Once you have finished with the document, please take it back to the Staff Counter. If there are more documents waiting for you, staff will issue them. At the end of your session, please leave cushions and weights on the table so that staff can replace them ready for the next users.

Staff will make every effort to help and answer any queries, but they will not be able to offer close one-to-one help. Staff will only be able to provide assistance from behind the protective screens.