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Example cataloguing form

Download an example of a catalogue spreadsheet.

Our example includes all the fields you need to catalogue a collection at all levels. It also includes lists of the Norfolk Record Office’s preferred controlled indexing vocabularies for subject (what the item is about) and genre (what the item is). Names and place are free to be added to by each community archive group.

Field headings marked with an asterisk are required fields. Remember that the creator field is only required for a collection-level entry, unless a lower level was created by a different creator.

The fields continue to Row X. The subject list tab and genre list tab contain lists of subjects and genres that the Norfolk Record Office uses. We've included them to standardise these authorities.

The form includes some examples to illustrate how collections and items can be recorded in a catalogue.

Cataloguing survey:

Fill out this survey to let us know your thoughts on the cataloguing guide.