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Norfolk County Council

County councils were created under the Local Government Act of 1888.

Elections were held for Norfolk in January 1889 and the first meeting of the fully-constituted county council was held in April that year.

For more about the history of Norfolk County Council, see our separate guide.

County council records are prefixed with the letter C.


  • County architect's department, nd [c1930]-1975 (C/AR) - includes plans of Poor Law institutions and other council buildings such as Hill House at Pulham Market.
  • Air raid precautions committee, 1938-46 (C/ARP)
  • Clerk of the council, 1664-1982 (C/C) - includes council and committee minutes.
  • Records deposited with Norfolk County Council for safekeeping prior to the establishment of the Record Office, 1727-1848 (C/Ca)
  • Chairman of the council, 1978 (C/CH 1)
  • Education department, 1709-1996 (C/ED) - includes admission registers, school board minute books, log books, punishment books and records of closed schools.
  • Electoral registration officer, 1845-1973 (C/ERO)
  • Norfolk Fire Service, 1948-72 (C/F) - County and King's Lynn log books.
  • Guardians committees, nd [c1915]-1961 (C/GC) - mainly minutes, some admission and discharge books, relief lists and accounts.
  • Norfolk county highways, 1912-45 (C/H 1) - photographs of flood damage to bridges (1912) and maps.
  • County library service, 1925-79 (C/L)
  • Medical officer of health, 1907-73 (C/MH)
  • Norfolk Museums Service, 1825-1998 (C/MS)
  • Old age pensions committees, 1908-21 (C/OAP)
  • Planning department, 1937-79 (C/P)
  • Norfolk County Constabulary, 1837-1967 (C/PO)
  • Department of public health engineering, 1939-71 (C/RWS)
  • County surveyor's department, nd [c1900]-1974 (C/SR) - includes maps, plans and bridge files.
  • Social services department records, 1853-1995 (C/SS)
  • County treasurer's department, 1835-1985 (C/T) - includes abstracts of accounts, ledgers, and cash books.
  • Valuation and estates department, 1904-77 (C/VES)
  • Weights and measures department, 1825-1975 (C/WM)
  • Turnpike trusts, 1770-1876 (NTT)