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Maintaining parish council records

Other records


  • For successful applications keep the application, plans and decision notice until the development has been completed
  • For unsuccessful applications keep papers until the period within which an appeal can be made has expired (ie, six months from the date of the planning decision)
  • For controversial applications (whether successful or unsuccessful) the parish council may wish to retain the papers indefinitely

Circulars, etc, from other bodies

  • County Association, National Association of Local Councils, etc: retain as long as useful and relevant

Magazines and journals

  • Keep Local Council Review for at least five years, others as long as useful and relevant


  • If related to audit matters, keep for the appropriate period specified in the previous chapter. 
  • If related to planning matters, keep for the same period as suggested for planning applications
  • For other correspondence, please contact us for advice

The volume of paperwork generated by all local authorities increased dramatically in the 1960s and has continued to grow.

All pre-1960 records are potential candidates for permanent preservation.

We are happy to advise you on the historical value of documents of any age.