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Fees and charges

We offer a range of options for supplying copies of documents.

We're happy to advise, without charge, as to the most suitable method of copying for particular items.

We will charge for the time taken for detailed estimates of costs and there may be additional charges applied to orders for copying. See below for details.

Most documents can be copied by at least one method. A minority of our holdings, including many architects’ drawings, cannot be copied however because of copyright and other restrictions.

All prices include VAT at the current rate; postage and packing is extra.

Additional charges  

In addition to the charges listed below, a fee of £48 per hour will be applied in the following circumstances:

  • If conservation work is required to enable copying, such as flattening or removal of pins
  • For locating documents or entries not readily identifiable (eg, by a unique reference number)
  • For locating large numbers of items or entries
  • For preparing detailed estimates of copying charges


Photocopying is suitable for loose papers and some other documents which readily lie flat and are no bigger than A3 in size when opened out.

It is not suitable for large documents, pages from bound volumes, documents which are tied, sewn or pinned together in such a way that they would require folding back for copying, multi-membrane rolls or seals.

  • A4/A3 photocopies from documents - £1.80 per sheet
  • Photocopies of searchroom lists and other searchroom finding aids - 50p per sheet

Printout copies from microfilm/fiche

These are suitable for documents which are already available as microfilm or microfiche copies.

Printout copies can either be supplied by staff or made by visitors to the NRO using a card purchased at our reception desk. The card operates a self-service reader-printer in the searchroom.

  • A4/A3 black and white printout copies supplied by the NRO -£1.80 per sheet
  • Self-service black and white printout copies - £5 per printout card (each card enables 10 copies to be made)

Diazo duplicates of existing microfilm and microfiche

These are suitable for documents which are already available on microfilm or microfiche. They can be provided for customers who have access to a microfiche or microfilm reader (fitted with a high-magnification lens for 16mm film).

Most diazo duplicates result in a negative image (white writing on a black background).

  • Duplicate of 16 mm microfilm per reel - £100, £60 for each additional film thereafter
  • Duplicate of 35 mm microfilm per reel - £100, £60 for each additional film thereafter
  • Duplicate of existing fiche: minimum order of 10 fiche - £60
  • Each additional fiche thereafter  - £6

Photography by visitors in the searchroom

This is suitable for visitors who have their own cameras and wish to take their own photographs. These can be of original documents, microfilms or fiche and reference works in the searchroom.

  • 30 minute permit - £4
  • Photography permit (per day) - £10.50
  • Photography permit (per week) - £35
  • Photography permit (four-weekly) - £70

Digital images

This format is suitable for most types of documents. These are supplied as electronic images (normally jpegs) on CD.

  • Digital photographs from single document - £12 for single image or £24 for half-hour of work
  • Digital images from existing files - £10 for first image and £1.80 for each subsequent image

Copies of sound recordings

  • Work on time-charge basis - £28 per half-hour

Reproduction, filming and broadcast fees

Prices quoted include VAT.

  • Filming facility fee: for filming or TV companies filming, including rostrum photography, within NRO premises - £100 per hour
  • Staff attendance time - £48 per hour
  • Film/video flash fee, 10 seconds - £100

Reproduction fees (per image) are charged in addition to any duplication costs.

For publications of 2,000 copies or less:

  • Copy of publication to be supplied to NRO on request

For publications of more than 2,000 copies:

  • One language rights - £100
  • World rights -  £150

Other fees and charges

  • Searches, transcriptions and translations - please see our research service page for details of these fees.
  • Copy birth, death and marriage certificates of Norfolk registration records -  please see our page on copy certificates for more information.
  • Motor vehicle registration search: an hour’s search is required and includes a copy if found - £48
  • Certification of facsimile copies of documents, per image (does not include creating the facsimile) - £26.40
  • Certification of transcripts, per 100 words (does not include making the transcript) - £26.40
  • Annual charge for inclusion on record searchers' list - £50
  • Certified copies of entries of baptisms or marriages in church registers held by the NRO (VAT not applicable to these prices):
    • Baptism certificate - £13
    • Marriage certificate (pre-1837) - £13
    • Marriage certificate (post-1837) - £9


VAT is payable within the UK, and on goods/services supplied to countries within the European Union. It is not payable on supplies made outside the EU. If you require information about non-VAT prices, please contact us.

  • UK customers: a minimum charge of £5 applies to orders paid for by cheque. A Norfolk County Council invoice will be issued for orders of £10 or more.
  • Non-UK customers: A minimum charge of £10 applies, for which a Norfolk County Council invoice will be issued.

Sterling Money Orders cannot be accepted in payment. However, we are able to accept credit/debit card payments at The Archive Centre.