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Education in Norfolk

Late 19th century legislation

The following is a summary of legislation which followed the Education Act of 1870. 

  • The Elementary Education Act 1876 (Sandon's Act)  - this advocated the principle that all children should receive elementary education, further restricted child employment and established school attendance committees. For records of these committees, see above.
  • The Elementary Education Act 1880 (Mundella's Act)  - school attendance became compulsory for children aged from five to 10.
  • The Education Act 1889 - this set up the Board of Education and allowed county councils to levy a 1d rate for technical education.
  • The Elementary Education Act 1891 - fees for elementary education were abolished, making it free for the first time.
  • The Elementary Education (School Attendance) Act 1893 - the school leaving age was raised to 11 years.
  • The Elementary Education (School Attendance) Amendment Act 1899 - the school leaving age was raised to 13 years.